Ellen DeGeneres Scares Jake Gyllenhaal With Frightening Man – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jake Gyllenhaal Scare Prank Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Michael Lewittes


Jake Gyllenhaal Scare Prank Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Ellen DeGeneres scares Jake Gyllenhaal just days before Halloween by having a man dressed as the most terrifying looking doll burst out of a box in the middle of the actor’s appearance on Wednesday’s show.


DeGeneres sets up the frightening prank by asking the Nightcrawler star to talk about his tendency to take on dark roles. “I just want you to do a comedy at some point, because, Jarhead, Prisoners, which was fantastic… Every movie you’re in is just so intense,” she tells her Gyllenhaal. She asks him what is it about “dark movies” that attracts him so much.

Gyllenhaal explains, “I have this belief that if you kind of go into the dark sometimes it can be illuminating, and I like those characters because they’re kind of fun to play, but I also think that there’s an opportunity.” The actor was mid-sentence when the spooky doll jumped out of what appeared to be a side table. “Oh my God! What the f*ck,” yells Gyllenhaal, who was clearly not expecting the surprise.

The actor then gets out of his chair, demanding DeGeneres to bring the man who scared him back on the stage. “Has he been in there every show I’ve come on?” Gyllenhaal asks when he sit sback down. DeGeneres jokes that the man has indeed been hiding in the box for each of Gyllenhaal’s many appearances on the show, waiting for the perfect moment to spook the actor. The host the replays the moment on the screen behind them because the look on Gyllenhaal’s face is priceless. “I don’t even want to see,” he says.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think of Gyllenhaal’s scare!

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