CLAIM: Jada Pinkett Smith Stole Marc Anthony From Jennifer Lopez

(In Touch Weekly)

By Daniel Gates

Jada Pinkett Smith is cheating on Will Smith with Marc Anthony, claims In Touch Weekly in a cover story as off the mark as it is scandalous.

The magazine alleges that Jada “destroyed” Anthony’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez (as well as her own) by sneaking around with him behind her husband’s back. Will supposedly uncovered her “ultimate betrayal” when he caught Jada with Anthony (her “HawthoRNe” co-star) in the Smiths’ Hidden Hills mansion.

Will Smith’s supposed “suspicions” were “painfully confirmed” when he came to the house unannounced “under the cover of darkness,” reports In Touch. An “insider” for the tabloid claims Smith “left the house crying” and was “very upset” because Anthony was supposedly inside with Jada.

The following day “it was as if all hell had broken loose,” describes the In Touch source, with Jada supposedly moving some of her belongings out of the couple’s home and Will allegedly firing staffers he suspected of “covering up” for her. In Touch says Will Smith assumes that Jada’s closeness with Anthony had much to do with the singer’s recent split from Lopez.

All of this is fascinating, of course, but based on nothing but fantasy. In Touch is fueling a rumor that Anthony’s friendship with Jada explains his impending divorce, even though there’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest an affair.

Just yesterday, the Smiths shot down reports of their marriage collapsing, making the magazine’s tales of tearful confrontations seem silly. Reps for both Anthony and Pinkett Smith deny that there’s any illicit romance between them, with her spokesperson telling Gossip Cop, “Everything about Jada and Marc Anthony is false.” A rep for Anthony also confirms to us that talk of a romance is untrue.

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