Ivanka: Donald Trump Wouldn’t Know What To Do If Grandchild Cried Or Needed Diaper

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By Daniel Gates

Ivanka Trump Redbook


Ivanka Trump appears on the cover of the May issue of Redbook, and opens up about being a working mother and Donald’s daughter. The businesswoman says that while she’s “sad to leave [daughter] Arabella” in the morning, “it’s important for me to continue what I’m doing.”

“It’s fulfilling to me, and I think it makes me a better mom when I’m home,” Trump tells the magazine. She adds, “I hate the expression ‘working mom,’ because when I’m with Arabella on the weekends, I’m much more exhausted on Monday morning than I am on Friday night!”

While her famous father is known for craving the spotlight, Ivanka stays a bit more private. “Many people who come from obscurity and shoot into the limelight, they don’t really know what they’re getting into, whereas I did,” explains Trump. “I went in with my eyes wide open. I don’t let people into things that are too private.”

She says that while she’s active on social media, “You don’t see me tweet a photo of [husband] Jared [Kushner] and me lying in bed on Sunday morning. I don’t want to see other people lying in bed on a Sunday morning; why would someone want to see me?”

As for her dad’s grandfather skills, Trump tells Redbook that he dotes on Arabella — to a point. “Oh he takes her all the time — but with me,” she explains. “He wouldn’t know what to do if she was crying or needed a diaper change. Although I think he’d figure it out.” Trump continues, “He was always a great father in that he was always there. Now that my brothers and I work with him, we’ve become even closer. If we talked a lot before, we speak 50 times a day now. I spend half the time in his office. It’s wild.”

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