#RIPIrwinMunchies Takes Over Twitter After 5SOS Fan Allegedly Commits Suicide


By Daniel Gates


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#RIPIrwinMunchies became the top trending topic on Twitter on Saturday after a 5 Seconds of Summer fan allegedly committed suicide because he was being bullied.

After several weeks of silence, the @IrwinMunchies account, named in honor of 5SOS member Ashton Irwin, tweeted a series of alarming messages.

Just know that I will remember every single one of you… Hopefully we’ll meet later on the other side… I hope there’s another side… But I literally can’t take all the bullying I get,” tweeted the fan, reportedly a 15-year-old boy named Bryan.

He continued, “I’m a fanboy so what? I don’t need to get bullied everyday for it… I’ve been strong for so long, but this time I don’t think I can be strong. It’s too much for me to handle.

I can’t handle the pain and harsh words I [get] everyday,” said the fan. “I love you my munchies:) I bet I’ll be happy if I go now… bye.”

As of now, there’s been no independent verification of a bullying-related 5SOS fan suicide, with the exception of a second Twitter user, @5Seconds_Winter, who claims to have “found” Bryan with cuts on his arms and an empty pill bottle.

This second person claims Bryan took his own life because he was being “bullied because they thought he was gay bc he likes 5SOS.”

There are two big possibilities, both bad.

Either a tormented teenage music fan killed himself because he was bullied, which would be unspeakably tragic, or someone decided to promote a hoax to exploit the sympathies of a shocked fan base, much like during the infamous #CutForBieber prank.

Gossip Cop really hopes neither is the case here.

Until more is known about the situation, it’s difficult to say what has happened.

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