VIDEO: Howard Stern Tries Kissing David Letterman During Late Show Farewell

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Howard Stern David Letterman Kiss Video

By James Crugnale


Howard Stern David Letterman Kiss Video


Howard Stern tried kissing David Letterman on Monday during his last appearance on “Late Show.” “Kiss me now,” Stern urged the retired talk show host, as he attempted to plant one on Letterman’s lips.

It all started with an indigent Stern telling the “Late Show” audience that Letterman had invited the evening’s other guest, Don Rickles, out to dinner after the show. “Do you think I was invited? I wasn’t invited. Terrible!” said Stern before Letterman made fun of the shock jock’s outfit.

Stern stood up and attempted to give Letterman a warm embrace. “Come here, come here! Is this our final time together?” asked Stern, as Letterman, trying to ward off his pal, said, “No!” Letterman tried to escape from the SiriusXM host, but Stern was still able to wrap his arms around him. “Kiss me! Kiss me, now!” Stern continued. Though Stern came within inches of kissing Letterman, they never locked lips.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Tina Fey also had a memorable farewell with Letterman when she stripped off her dress and gave it to the “Late Show” host, revealing a black leotard that read “Bye Dave!” over her crotch. Check out the video below of Howard Stern trying to kiss David Letterman.

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