HollywoodLife Stole Our Taylor Swift Story

HollywoodLife Taylor Swift

By Daniel Gates

HollywoodLife Taylor Swift


HollywoodLife doesn’t make up some of its stories. The site also flat out steals stories. Gossip Cop is getting tired of doing HollywoodLife’s job.

Earlier this week, for instance, Gossip Cop exclusively debunked a widespread report claiming Bruce Jenner had gotten gender reassignment surgery. The original rumor claimed an E! producer had purportedly admitted that it was a plot line for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Gossip Cop investigated with sources at E! and got an exclusive denial. That was on Thursday. On Friday, HollywoodLife posted an “exclusive” debunking of the Jenner sex change story. HollywoodLife’s “exclusive” came a full day after the site saw Gossip Cop’s actual exclusive.

Early on Friday, the Internet was buzzing with the rumor that pictures from a concert supposedly showed Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss kissing. At 11:01 a.m., Gossip Cop posted an exclusive bust, with Swift’s rep laughing off the alleged make-out session and telling us it never happened. It was the only comment Swift’s rep gave, and we alerted dozens of outlets to our exclusive so they could report accurately on Swift and Kloss, rather than regurgitate the inaccurate rumor.

Nearly six hours later, HollywoodLife posted this headline: “Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Caught Kissing? – What Really Happened.” Instead of crediting Gossip Cop for the scoop, as MANY legitimate news outlets had done throughout Friday, HollywoodLife used our leg work to post its own “exclusive” debunking. The site actually wrote this line: “In fact, Taylor’s rep told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that Taylor and Karlie were not kissing.”

That is a lie. Swift’s rep laughed off the rumor to Gossip Cop, and then many hours later, HollywoodLife pretended to have an “exclusive.” The proof? When Gossip Cop pointed out to HollywoodLife that we’d caught their theft, the site scrubbed “EXCLUSIVELY” from the story. HollywoodLife knew we’d caught them red-handed and was forced to drop its “exclusive.”

In fact, HollywoodLife never even got a comment about the photo. They made up that, too.

This is far from the first time HollywoodLife has stolen a story from Gossip Cop. We understand why they do it. Reporting is hard work, and HollywoodLife often doesn’t want to do it. That’s why, every Wednesday when the weekly tabloids come out, HollywoodLife posts false tabloid story after false tabloid story, repeating whatever inaccuracies the magazines publish without bothering to check facts.

And it’s why, for much of the rest of the week, HollywoodLife functions as its own tabloid, pumping out fabricated stories that bear no relationship to reality. Day after day, HollywoodLife publishes demonstrably false or ludicrously sensationalized celebrity “news” stories. Check Gossip Cop’s archives. It’s all there. On literally hundreds of occasions, time has proven us to be right and HollywoodLife to be wrong.

But we get REALLY annoyed when, instead of its usual fan fiction, HollywoodLife steals our work. Enough is enough. When other outlets question whether a gossip item is real and see Gossip Cop’s verdict, they link to us and credit us with the scoop. When HollywoodLife checks to see what Gossip Cop said, the site steals it and slaps an “exclusive” label on it. It might not be the worst of HollywoodLife’s many journalistic sins, but it’s infuriating and has to stop.

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