HollywoodLife Makes Up Miley Cyrus Stories, Steals Gossip Cop’s Exclusive

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HollywoodLife Miley Cyrus Gossip Cop Stories

By Shari Weiss

HollywoodLife Miley Cyrus Gossip Cop Stories

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HollywoodLife is like a bad magician. It tries to trick readers with click-baiting stories that are nothing more than illusions, falsified information slapped together in an attempt to score traffic, without any concern for misleading readers. But what’s worse is the webloid’s other truly detestable, despicable habit: stealing Gossip Cop’s exclusives.

And when HollywoodLife combines those two tactics, as it did over the last 36 hours with a series of Miley Cyrus stories, well, Gossip Cop just can’t stand for it. It all started Wednesday when, within hours of the magazines hitting newsstands, Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the new Life & Style cover story claiming Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger were married. It was a total fabrication. But that didn’t stop HollywoodLife from running with the false claim, not bothering to be sure the allegation was true before posting all about Cyrus and Schwarzenegger’s alleged nuptials.

HollywoodLife followed up its first mistake by making several more. The site ran a story that afternoon which did not correct its original post, but instead piled on more lies about how the couple was supposedly keeping Schwarzenegger’s mom Maria Shriver in the dark about tying the knot. HollywoodLife wrote how he and Cyrus were keeping the news “hidden,” but noted it was “only a matter of time before she finds out.” It was, of course, not true just like the original wedding claim, because, as Gossip Cop has made clear several times, Cyrus and Schwarzenegger did not wed.

And wouldn’t you know, hours later, HollywoodLife just happened to have the “exclusive” about how Shriver had now seen the wedding report, and was “horrified with the idea.” Even though no wedding ever took place, and HollywoodLife really knew no wedding took place, the site continued moving ahead with its false narrative. Then, Thursday morning, HollywoodLife ran yet another untrue article, about how Shriver had had “forbidden” her “daughter-in law” Cyrus from attending the Kennedys’ Christmas festivities, even though Schwarzenegger wanted to show off “his blushing secret bride” to his family. It was entirely fake just like the previous articles, and then, as predictable as the seasons, HollywoodLife changed course by Thursday afternoon.

And the outlet didn’t merely issue a basic correction or post a sincere mea culpa for its errors. No, HollywoodLife posted another “exclusive,” blaring, “Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus Wedding: What Really Happened,” and said it was offering readers the “truth” about how Schwarzenegger and Cyrus were not married. You know, just like Gossip Cop was the FIRST to report more than 24 hours prior. HollywoodLife did not have this “exclusive” information. Gossip Cop did, and everyone knows we did, because they all linked to us. But this did not matter to the webloid, which is happily trotting along on its new path, now posting more “exclusive” stories about how Cyrus did not elope, and how the singer was “banned” from Schwarzenegger’s sister’s birthday party.

HollywoodLife’s M.O. is clear: It fabricates, and fabricates, and fabricates. Then it does a 180, often using Gossip Cop’s accurate reporting to do so, and giving us no credit whatsoever. The webloid steals, plain and simple. In fact, we’ve even had various celebrity camps tell us that they told HollywoodLife that Gossip Cop had the truthful account various stories. But no matter, apparently, because they always ignore it. HollywoodLife rather drum up controversy, and then pathetically try to swoop in and save the day, when they’re really just copying what we’ve already reported.

Look, it’s no secret that we point out HollywoodLife’s shortcomings on a regular basis. But HollywoodLife doesn’t seem to realize that, if they just reported the truth, we would leave them alone. There is no personal vendetta against HollywoodLife or its parent company. In fact, we find the webloid’s sister sites, TVLine, Variety, and Deadline, quite accurate. Gossip Cop has no objective other than holding sites accountable for their reporting. We police the celebrity news industry and we bust bad dish, whether it happens to come from People or Perez. As long as HollywoodLife continues to spread lies, we’ll keep separating fact from their fiction. And we absolutely will not let our hard-worked reporting be stolen.

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