HollywoodLife Continues To Insult Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Fans

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Selena Gomez 2015

By Daniel Gates

Selena Gomez 2015


HollywoodLife, perhaps upset about Selena Gomez publicly calling the site out for its fabrications, continues to insult the singer-actress and her fans. Gossip Cop has documented dozens and dozens of cases of the webloid either outright lying or flip-flopping when it comes to Gomez and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

But the journalistic abuses keep piling up, and it’s Gossip Cop’s mission to bust the bullsh*t that keeps places like HollywoodLife afloat. As we’ve said, it’s obvious from the sheer volume of Bieber-Gomez “stories” HollywoodLife posts that it is choosing to exploit very real fan interest in the two stars with cheap, baseless speculation. If everyone ignored the site, it might have to start reporting accurately. But it gets attention by publishing daydreams as fact, and then Gossip Cop gets questions about the latest HollywoodLife manipulations.

On Friday, HollywoodLife posted the headline, “Selena Gomez: Her 2015 Plan If Justin Bieber Doesn’t Step Up.” The site promises, “Will 2015 be the year of Jelena or the year of single Selena? HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!” NO. NO, IT DOES NOT.

Instead, what HollywoodLife “has,” is the following quote from a supposed “insider,” a collection of words that make no sense when read together: “She misses the fun and good times they had together but she only misses that version of him, not the other versions of him that present themselves when they are together.” So… Selena Gomez misses Justin Bieber, but hates being with Justin Bieber? WHAT A SCOOP!

Then the alleged insider for the site says this: “She wants next year to be the year of Selena Gomez, not the year of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.” OK. Fair enough. So, just to be clear that we know where HollywoodLife stands, Selena Gomez is looking forward to being single in the new year? Right? That’s what you’re saying?

Um, not so fast. It’s contradiction time! “If Justin whisked Selena away on a romantic holiday vacation and gave her a promise ring, that would do the job. Selena is not a high-maintenance prima donna, but she does want her man to treat her like his queen,” a different “insider” tells the outlet.

Here is what HollywoodLife seems to be saying, amid countless contradictions and logical breakdowns: Selena Gomez has a plan (which HollywoodLife “exclusively” knows) to be independent and single in 2015… UNLESS Justin Bieber bribes her with a piece of jewelry and she immediately throws away that plan.

What exactly is this HollywoodLife fascination with “promise rings”? We know the site is written on a sub-junior high level, but that doesn’t mean ADULT people like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber play by junior high rules. More importantly, as Gossip Cop keeps saying, not EVERY Selena Gomez action is about Justin Bieber, and not EVERY Justin Bieber action is about Selena Gomez. Earlier this week, HollywoodLife claimed that Bieber dyed his hair blonde to “forget about” Gomez AND to “get [her] attention.”

This endless parade of contradictory, illogical, phony “insider”-filled articles is insulting to fans of both Gomez and Bieber, who are getting sick of being fed this garbage. If there’s nothing to report about them, it’s OK not to report anything. Fabricating stories has to stop.

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