HollywoodLife Lies, Claims Kristen Stewart Got Robert Pattinson Idol’s Eye Role

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HollywoodLife Robert Pattinson

By Daniel Gates

HollywoodLife Robert Pattinson


HollywoodLife says Kristen Stewart helped Robert Pattinson get a role in the upcoming Idol’s Eye.

HollywoodLife says a lot of stuff that isn’t true, because HollywoodLife seemingly lies in order to get traffic. The webloid’s strategy seems to be to take any opportunity whatsoever to link Stewart and Pattinson in stories where there is no link, just like how HollywoodLife frequently invents reports connecting Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

In this case, the facts are pretty straightforward: Pattinson is currently set to begin production later this year on Idol’s Eye, a crime thriller with Robert De Niro. The director is Olivier Assayas, who happens to have directed Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria. HollywoodLife alleges that Stewart badgered Assayas into putting Pattinson in Idol’s Eye. “Kristen talked to Olivier non-stop about how committed Rob is as an actor and as a result he basically got the role in his pocket,” explains a made-up “insider” for the blog. “Kristen knew how much he wanted to work with Bobby [Robert De Niro].”

Oooh, the source called De Niro “Bobby” — that’s how you know it must be a real insider! HollywoodLife concludes, “Kristen Stewart Got [Robert Pattinson] The Role In Robert DeNiro (sic) Film.” No, she didn’t. Pattinson and Pattinson’s team got him the role. Kristen Stewart is not part of this story, except in HollywoodLife’s fevered imagination. She and Pattinson happen to be working with the same director on different projects. Pattinson’s track record, talent, interests and schedule led him to Idol’s Eye, much like Stewart’s skills got her Clouds of Sils Maria.

What’s the real reason HollywoodLife published this nonsense? Here’s the article’s last paragraph: “What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Does Kristen still have strong romantic feelings for Rob, or are they just friends? Do YOU miss Kristen and Rob as a couple?” In other words, HollywoodLife just floated this “Stewart got Pattinson a job” thing in order to reheat a past romance and to inflame controversy among fans. It’s cheap, because it’s HollywoodLife. Multiple sources close to the situation tell Gossip Cop the report is false, and that Pattinson’s casting had nothing to do with Stewart.

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