HollywoodLife Full Of Sh*t: Predictable Taylor Swift-Selena Gomez “Feud” Returns

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Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Fight

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Fight


HollywoodLife is as boring as it is full of sh*t. Like clockwork, the webloid posted a story on Friday claiming Taylor Swift is “done” with Selena Gomez after her most recent reunion with Justin Bieber.

Quick refresher: HollywoodLife spent months lying about Swift allegedly feuding with Gomez, got exposed as lying liars, was forced to backtrack, and kept posting idiocy. On Thursday, Bieber posted a picture with Gomez. What came next was predictable and lame.

HollywoodLife says Gomez and Swift’s friendship is “over.” “Taylor basically has her hands in the air and is now ready to throw in the towel on any type of friendship with Selena,” a source tells the blog.

This source doesn’t exist. He or she is a figment of HollywoodLife’s imagination. HollywoodLife’s imaginary friend adds, “Taylor will deny it forever but she is all about celebrity gossip, both about her and people who are close or were close in her life.”

“She knows that Selena will never be over Justin and she always wants to be up on who is lying to her or not, and Selena lies to her [about Justin] all the time so she keeps up with it,” continues the webloid’s imaginary friend. “Taylor knew Selena was talking to him all along and when she heard that they were together again, she just was like, ‘WTF!'”

Well, if anyone knows about lying, it’s HollywoodLife. The countdown to the next HollywoodLife “OMG! TAYLOR AND SELENA ARE TOTES BFF AGAIN!” post starts now. Anyone who cares about consistency should read HollywoodLife with a grain of salt.

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