Kristen Stewart Short Hair “Purge” Is Latest HollywoodLife Lie

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By Daniel Gates


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Time to shame HollywoodLife for more lies! The webloid, which will post virtually anything if it can trick people into clicking, is lying, for what seems like the thousandth about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

On Tuesday, one of the clueless people HollywoodLife is gullible enough to believe as a “source” told the outlet that Stewart’s new short hairdo is about putting her “romantic drama” with Pattinson behind her.

Huh? Yep, according to the webloid, Stewart cut her hair to “purge” Pattinson “drama.”

“Kristen wanted a change, she wanted to change things up. It was completely her decision to cut her hair,” explains a HollywoodLife “insider,” whom we’re guessing was just the first person a HollywoodLife intern found “inside” a nearby subway station who was willing to talk.

The “insider” adds, “She’s done with the past and wants to be known for her work instead of any of the scandals that happened in the past. She feels really positive about herself and is just excited about her new freedom — letting go of regrets, stuff that holds you back. She’s moved on.”

Again, huh?

“Kristen is so over the whole Robsten thing,” adds the fake HollywoodLife source. “Cutting her hair was like purging that whole image.”

Reading HollywoodLife makes us want to “purge.”

Kristen Stewart cut her hair for a movie role.

“I’m ultimately going to go a little bit shorter for this next film that I’m going to do called Equals, but I figured, you know, before I went all the way — might as well just play around with something for the show,” she tells WWD, supporting what Gossip Cop wrote on Tuesday.


HollywoodLife has LIED SO OFTEN about Stewart, it’s even previously made up stories about her hair and Pattinson. HollywoodLife LIES SO OFTEN ts own readers have said they don’t trust the site’s reporting about her. HollywoodLife lies and lies and lies and lies. HollywoodLife gleefully spreads other lies – including the recent tabloid lie about Stewart and Pattinson hooking up again. HollywoodLife lies so often… we’re not sure HollywoodLife even knows it’s lying anymore.

Enough is enough. Fans and news consumers deserve better from an outlet that claims to “report” but mostly just spews whatever speculation it feels like at any given moment.

When HollywoodLife stops habitually lying, maybe we’ll take it seriously. Right now? It’s a joke.

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