Shame On HollywoodLife For Making Up Fake Selena Gomez-Taylor Swift Story At ALS Charity’s Expense

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By Michael Lewittes


Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Ice Bucket Challenge


Taylor Swift: The Real Reason She Gave Selena Gomez The Challenge,” reads the latest pathetic attempt by HollywoodLife to cover its tracks after repeated lies and subpar reporting about a (non-existent) feud between Gomez and Swift.

For months, HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife has been fabricating stories about Swift supposedly feuding with her dear friend Gomez, but Gossip Cop has over and over exposed the site as liars, often forcing the webloid to backtrack.

Unfortunately, instead of HollywoodLife apologizing for its wrong stories, it uses those fake reports as a foundation to post more insanity. Trust us, practically every day the bogus blog creates fiction about Gomez and Swift. But before we tackle the latest completely manufactured pile of garbage from HollywoodLife, let Gossip Cop explain what’s going on here.

(1) Either HollywoodLife has the worst Swift and Gomez sources in the world — or the site makes up stories that guarantee fans will click on them. (You can choose which you think is the case.)

(2) Then, once HollywoodLife is busted by Gossip Cop for its below-poor reporting (or wholly made-up stories), the webloid goes into cover-up mode, creating yet another fictitious story, based on an already fabricated premise. It’s almost like a lie based upon a lie.

(3) Rather than admitting wrong, it seems HollywoodLife actually relishes making up these fake stories about Gomez and Swift, because the site has probably noticed that creating these completely bogus soap operas actually leads to traffic. So, in a way, HollywoofLife has seemingly found a way to profit from inaccurate, inaccurate “reporting.”

(4) So, who gets hurt? Visitors who are duped into reading phony story after phony story, and arguably legitimate celebrity reporting sites like Gossip Cop that have to deal day-after-day with untrue stories designed to get traffic (and which collaterally hurt the stars being written about).

Now, that we’ve laid out only a few of the basics about how HollywoodLife operates (or doesn’t operate from a journalistic standpoint), let’s look at Sunday’s cover-up from the backpedaling blog. According to the latest creation, Swift nominated Gomez to accept the ALS Ice Bucket challenge “to see if she’d ‘really listen’ to Taylor this time (since she doesn’t about Justin Bieber).”

WHAT?! OK, here’s what’s going on: After Bieber posted a picture with Gomez and then claimed Swift was “done” with her BFF, HollywoodLife needed a way to explain why Swift nominated Gomez for the charity challenge. And again, instead of acknowledging the site KNOWS NOTHING about the two women, it dug itself a deep hole by now asserting that this entirely altruistic move (to help those suffering from the debilitating disease) was actually a friendship “test.”

HollywoodLife then quotes either a made-up (or the dumbest ever) source saying, “This is actually a test for Selena, since she doesn’t listen to Taylor ever when it comes to advice she wants to see if she’ll actually listen to her and do the ALS challenge.”

Here’s a challenge (or a “test”) that sadly we know HollywoodLife can’t accept. Try reporting the truth instead of creating soap operas to account for all your made up b.s.

Gossip Cop can go on and on and furnish around 100 more HollywoodLife stories that are untrue — and have been proven false with the passage of time — but the takeaway from this particular story isn’t so much about how the webloid doesn’t know what it is talking about when it comes to Gomez or Swift.

Rather, the takeaway here is how the site trivializes the charitable acts of the two young stars and, more importantly, it trivializes the need to raise money for ALS — all because HollywoodLife needed a way to cover up how it has repeatedly misreported on the lives of Swift and Gomez.

Shame on you, HollywoodLife!

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