SNL Spoofs “Hollywood Game Night” — WATCH VIDEO!

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Hollywood Game Night SNL

By Michael Lewittes


Hollywood Game Night SNL


“Hollywood Game Night” was spoofed on “SNL,” with cast members impersonating the show’s host Jane Lynch, and celebrity contestants Sofia Vergara, Christoph Waltz, Morgan Freeman, Nick Offerman, Al Pacino, and Kathie Lee Gifford. The impressions were pretty spot-on.

During one game called “Snack Time,” in which the stars had to guess what an unwrapped Snickers was, Pacino (Bill Hader) guessed “a tiny meatloaf,” while Gifford (Kirsten Wiig) answered “a television.” When the answer was revealed, Gifford quipped, “We are losers. Now we know how Hoda feels. Don’t worry she is not watching this,” she said of her “Today Show” co-star. “She is out in the parking lot because she drove me here. She is my DD, ‘Designated Dummy.'”

They weren’t much better during another game in which they had to finish a famous movie line. When asked to complete, “Life is like a box of…”, Gifford said, “Tampons.” And Pacino’s response to finishing the legendary phrase, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a…”, was “a prostitute my home address.” Check out the hilarious sketch below, and tell us what you think.

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