Hilary Duff Opens Up About “Insensitive” Media, “F*cking Up” And Aaron Carter

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Hilary Duff Elle Canada December 2014

By Shari Weiss

Hilary Duff Elle Canada December 2014

(Elle Canada)

Hilary Duff is opening up about her separation from Mike Comrie, and how splitting in the spotlight has made things all the more harder for the star. As Gossip Cop reported, Duff and Comrie announced their breakup last January, and while they remain quite close, reports of a full-on reconciliation remain false.

In the December issue of Elle Canada, Duff is asked about “going through some very difficult events in the midst of constant media attention,” and the singer jokes, “I have a good therapist!” She goes on more seriously, “I’ve dealt with [media attention] for such a long time. But some of the bigger struggles that came my way in the past two years — like my separation or when my parents separated — were the first times I had to deal with people knowing about something personal happening to my family.” Duff explains, “It just felt so invasive and insensitive. It got really gross, and I think part of you gets a bit desensitized. The best way to handle it is by just owning your sh*t. I’m human and this is what happened. None of us is perfect.”

Duff reveals that 2-year-old son Luca is “starting” to kind of understand his mom is famous. “I don’t tell him anything about my job, but he knows Mommy’s a singer and an actress,” she says. “We have this book called Goodnight Los Angeles. It’s like, ‘Goodnight, movie stars and entertainers of Los Angeles!’ and it shows people working on a set and having their names in lights. Mike’s always telling Luca ‘This is where Mommy is!’ when I’m at work.”

The former child star is also asked about Aaron Carter, and her ex’s repeated declarations of affection in the wake of her split with Comrie. “Oh, God, I feel so uncomfortable right now,” replies Duff. “I don’t know what to say. The more I talk about it, the more I think he’s going to talk about it. We were like 13 and 14… I don’t want him to be hurt — I don’t want to make anyone feel like that — but it’s time to move on. I have.” Still, Duff acknowledges, “What’s funny, though, is that those feelings — I’m not talking about him but young love in general — feel so real. You always kind of think about it. When you’re dating, you can never quite get that excitement again, because you’re never that age again.”

Duff also has an interesting perspective on her rise to fame, and says “it’s impossible to answer” the question of why she hasn’t “gone crazy” like some of her infamous peers. She tells the magazine, “I think I’m more content now — especially since I took time out of being on tour and in movies. It was hard because [when I was 16] everything I did was watched. I had this idea of who I was, but the whole world thought I was so much bigger.” The former Disney star continues, “It was a very confusing time. It was a lot of pressure, and I became more content with myself when all the competition was gone and I could make choices for myself. I f*cked up along the way too, but I got to do it quietly, which was awesome. Now, turning 27 feels weird. I still kind of feel like a kid. I’m a kid with a kid.”

And now she’s back with new music after a 7-year hiatus from the industry. “I don’t need to work; I want to work. But I like to be successful, and it can’t be done half-assed in this industry,” says Duff. “I feel guilty a little bit, but I know that I’m going to be the best mom when I’m a happy person, and this makes me really happy.”

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