Hilary Duff Finally Addresses Aaron Carter’s Obsession With Her

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Hilary Duff Aaron Carter Buzzfeed

By Daniel Gates

Hilary Duff Aaron Carter Buzzfeed

(Getty Images)

Hilary Duff is not quite sure how to respond to Aaron Carter’s obsession with her.

In recent months, Carter, who dated Duff when they were teenagers, has repeatedly professed his apparent undying love for the actress.

It’s made things a little… uncomfortable.

On Wednesday, BuzzFeed asked Duff about it, noting, “Aaron Carter keeps declaring his love for you; how do you feel about it?”

“I was not expecting this question,” replied Duff. “He does, I keep seeing that, that he keeps doing that. I don’t know how I feel. I mean, that was so long ago, and obviously I’m still married, and I have a baby and we kind of just… don’t know each other. So… yeah. ”

When BuzzFeed observed, “So it’s just weird,” Duff responded with a laugh, “You said it, not me!”

It sounds like she and Carter may not be reuniting as quickly as he hopes.

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