Hilary Duff: I Weighed 98 Pounds As A Teen, Was “Obsessed” With What I Ate

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Hilary Duff Health Magazine 2014

By Michael Lewittes

Hilary Duff Health Magazine 2014

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Hilary Duff reveals that she had an unhealthy obsession with food when she was 17-years-old, which resulted in her weighing only 98 pounds. The singer opens up about her weight struggles in the December issue of Health, telling the magazine that her biggest health regret is “constantly worrying that my body is not good enough.”

Duff explains that she felt unnecessary pressure to lose her baby weight after she gave birth to her son Luca in 2012. “Oh my God, everyone was so hard on me because it took me a year and a half to get my body back!” she says. “When I was 17, I weighed, like, 98 pounds. I was totally obsessed with everything I put in my mouth. I was way too skinny. Not cute. And my body wasn’t that healthy, my hands would cramp up a lot because I wasn’t getting the nutrition I needed.”

“That constant pressure of wanting something different than I had? I regret that,” Duff continues. “I feel like there was way too much time spent thinking about that. This is the body that I have. I have a very athletic build, and I am so proud of what my body has done for me. I had the best, healthiest, strongest pregnancy. And I feel good about myself. But I feel like I’m always in a 5-pound battle, because being 5 feet 2, everything is going to show on me!”

The star of the upcoming TV Land show “Younger” recalls the unwanted media attention she received only a couple weeks after having her son. “The second I had Luca, I went to go get my hair blown out at the salon, and I hadn’t stepped outside in, like, 15 days,” she explains. “I was learning how to be a new mom, and I needed to go get my hair done. Then they’re like, ‘Hilary Debuts Her Post-Baby Body!'” Duff notes, “I was like, I’m not debuting sh*t right now. I’m just going on an errand run! There is way too much pressure on women these days. It took me a whole 10 months to build a baby.”

Duff also discusses her relationship with her estranged husband Mike Comrie. After they announced their split in January, Duff and Comrie have been seen together on numerous occasions, including on outings with their son. “We have a 2-year-old together,” she says. “We love each other. Obviously it wasn’t a rash decision that we made. We really are just trying to figure out how we are the most happy, whether together or apart, and we’re doing it as lovingly as possible.” She adds, “We would hang out without Luca; we think it’s important to keep a strong relationship no matter if we’re married or not married. And we love our son. We both want to fight for happiness.” What do you think of Duff’s interview and Health cover?

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