Harry Styles: Rumor That Someone Tried To Sell My Vomit Is “Worrying”

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Harry Styles Vomit eBay

By Daniel Gates

Harry Styles Vomit eBay

(Getty Images)

Harry Styles is creeped out by the rumor that someone is trying to sell his vomit on eBay. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the One Direction singer is asked about a story claiming a stranger collected the, um, results of Styles’ recent sick episode on the side of a Los Angeles freeway and attempted to make a quick buck or two with an online auction.

“Has anyone bought your sick off eBay yet?” asks host Scott Mills. Styles’ bandmate Liam Payne interjects, “I saw that thing. That’s weird.” Styles, who says that he had become ill after a “very long hike,” notes that the discussion had taken a “very strange turn.”

The group then speculates about how someone would even pick up the vomit. Louis Tomlinson suggests a “poop scooper” may have been involved. Styles says, “It’s worrying that this is the world we live in.”

At this moment, no “Harry Styles vomit” listing appears to be active on eBay, and the entire rumor smells like an urban legend. But there’s no doubting that many One Direction fans took interest in Styles’ ill moments, even if they don’t want to own the evidence. After his sickness was photographed by paparazzi, a phone posted a sign at the spot which reads, “Harry Styles Threw Up Here. 10-12-14.” Never forget.

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