Harry Styles & Niall Horan Have Bizarre Interview on German Show Wetten, Dass?, One Direction Sings ‘Steal My Girl’ (VIDEO)

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Harry Styles Wetten Dass Niall Horan

By Michael Lewittes


Harry Styles Wetten Dass Niall Horan


One Direction made an appearance on Saturday on the German-language show “Wetten, dass..? with the group performing “Steal My Girl” and Harry Styles and Niall Horan sitting down for a totally bizarre interview that included being asked which band member they would eat, if stuck on an island with no food.


During the interview, filmed in Austria, Styles and Horan were asked to play a game of “Truth Or Dare.” The interviewer started off with a “truth” question for Styles. She asked, “Why is your album really called ‘Four’”? The handsome singer responded straightforward, “Because it’s our fourth album.” The interviewer pressed whether there was a deeper meaning than that, and Horan explained, “There was a lot of names being thrown around about what we were going to call the album… a few names in the mix, and no one could decide what it was going to be, so I just said, ‘How about Four in capital letter?’”

Next up was a “dare” question for Horan. He was asked to show the interviewer his favorite boy band move. The singer turned his head away. Styles coached him: “Look away, look away, look away… Look at me.” They then explained it was a move from the band Swoon.

Styles was then asked why One Direction didn’t have choreographed dance moves and matching outfits, like some boy bands from the past. “We’re not very good at dancing, so that got rid of the dancing card. And we’re different sizes,” he responded. Horan added, “We didn’t want to be that kind of band.”

Both Horan and Styles were asked by the interviewer, “If you were on an island and had no food, who would you eat first?” Horan jumped in: “Liam [Payne], the meatier one,” noting that there was “more muscle to eat.” Styles added that Payne would offer “the most courses.”

It got even stranger when the boy banders seemed to have ended their interview faster than the allotted time, and so for “filler,” as they called it, Styles switched places with the interviewer and asked questions including, “Who is the last person you had sex with?”

Check out the interview and One Direction’s Performance of “Steal My Girl” on “Wetten, dass..?” and tell us what you think.

Harry Styles & Niall Horan Interview

One Direction Performance Of “Steal My Girl”

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