Harry Styles Is NOT Bisexual, Despite Widespread Rumor Based On This Video

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Harry Styles Bi

By Daniel Gates


Harry Styles Bi


Harry Styles is not bisexual. There seems to be confusion on this point after the One Direction singer recently gave an interview in which he joked about his sexuality. Styles and Liam Payne were answering some Twitter questions from fans when one admirer asked them to give “four favorite traits you look for in a girl.”

Payne replied, “Female.” Styles smiled and gave a laugh, saying, “Not that important.” Apparently, this was enough to spark a flurry of speculation, especially in the British tabloids, reviving an old rumor that Styles is sexually open to both men and women. Of course, anyone watching the video (see below at 2:20 mark) can clearly see that he is just having a funny moment, NOT making some big revelation about his sexuality.

Of course, Styles is the target of constant tabloid attacks and rumors. Last month, the Daily Star had to apologize to the singer for publishing a fake nude photo of him earlier this year. In September, webloids like HollywoodLife falsely insisted he had gone on a date with Katy Perry. Before that, he was wrongly linked to Ariana Grande.

It’s nice to see that Styles still has a sense of humor about the never-ending inquests into his personal life, except in this case, that lightheartedness was willfully misrepresented in the press as a “bisexual” revelation. Don’t be fooled by the outlets spreading this story. A source close to the singer tells Gossip Cop the comment was obviously a “joke.” Check out the full video of Styles’ interview below.

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