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Gwyneth Paltrow N-Word Tweet Sparks Backlash — What Do You Think?

By Michael Lewittes



Gwyneth Paltrow was blasted by critics after she used the N-word on Twitter over the weekend.

The actress tweeted a photo of herself onstage at Jay-Z and Kanye Wests “Watch the Throne” concert in Paris with the caption, “Ni**as in paris for real.”


While “N***as in Paris” is, of course, the name of a hit song by the Jay-Z and West, some followers interpreted Paltrow’s tweet as racially offensive due to the fact that she added “for real” to the title, as though she were referring to the rappers themselves.

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It’s also possible to read Paltrow’s tweet merely as her commenting on the “Paris” song being literally performed in Paris.

Either way, the backlash was massive and intense, leading Paltrow to clarify, “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

Check out the photo below.

What do you think about the controversy surrounding Paltrow’s tweet?

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