Gwyneth Paltrow Compared to Kim Jong-Un In Vanity Fair Letter About ‘Epic Takedown’

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By Daniel Gates

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Gwyneth Paltrow is compared to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in a new letter written by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter about the well-publicized tension between the Oscar winner and the magazine.

Carter’s piece in the March 2014 Hollywood Issue comes after months of speculation about a so-called “epic takedown” of Paltrow the magazine was set to publish.

He explains that the entire thing began when Paltrow’s name came up in a routine editorial meeting and he expressed interest in reading something about the divisive actress.

“What began so innocently quickly took a turn, however,” writes Carter. “Once the story was assigned, the writer reached out to Paltrow’s representatives and friends.”

He explains, “She asked that they not speak to Vanity Fair about her, or about anything else ever again. Ever. Never. Kim Jong-un couldn’t have issued a more blanket demand.”

According to the editor’s letter, writer Vanessa Grigoriadis turned in her story at the end of last summer.

“It was just what had been assigned — a reasoned, reported essay on the hate/love-fest that encircles Gwyneth Paltrow,” writes Carter. “I thought it perfectly explained the whole phenomenon.”

He continues, “But it was such a far cry from the almost mythical story that people were by now expecting — the ‘epic takedown,’ filled with ‘bombshell’ revelations — that it was bound to be a disappointment. What to do? I decided to sit on it for a time.”

In October, Paltrow called Carter:

We talked for about 20 minutes about the story and her reaction, or over-reaction, to it. At one point, she asked my advice as to what to do to get the “haters” on her side. I suggested putting on 15 pounds. I joked that it works for me. She replied I had put on much more than that. Which I thought was fair and funny. Two months after the phone call, Web sites lit up with news of a truce. We received more mail, much of it now criticizing us for caving.

When media attention began to focus on the still-unpublished story, Carter recalls, “The Gwyneth Paltrow saga had clearly just gotten away from us.”

His full letter is in the March issue of the magazine.

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