Gwyneth Paltrow Hated In Hollywood, Feuding With Reese Witherspoon?

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By Michael Lewittes


“Hollywood Turns On Gwyneth!” blares a cover story from Star, which claims Gwyneth Paltrows acting career may be in danger because everyone in show business hates her. A purported “entertainment insider” tells the tabloid, “Gwyneth has annoyed people to the point where no one wants to deal with her anymore,” explaining, “She has always been pretentious, but over the past few years she has gone from pretentious to unbearable.”

The so-called “source” alleges, “She thinks she is untouchable and can say whatever she wants without consequences,” adding, “Her mouth is finally getting her into trouble, and it’s long overdue.” OK… so who in particular is Paltrow supposedly angering in Hollywood? The tab claims Paltrow ticked off Reese Witherspoon when she wondered in a 2006 interview why Witherspoon did “stupid romantic comedies.”

Another “insider” for the mag shares, “Reese could care less about what Gwyneth’s opinion of her is. She joked about how the woman who made Shallow Hal really has no place giving career advice to anyone else.” How impressive that this “source” can recall Witherspoon’s alleged reaction to something Paltrow said seven years ago. Anyway, the rag goes on to claim that Kate Hudson has called Paltrow “elitist” and “bashed” the actress to her friends, and that Jennifer Lopez thinks Paltrow is a “whiny little rich girl.”

And that’s not all. The tabloid further alleges that Chris Martin is furious with Paltrow for revealing she had a miscarriage, and that the star’s so-called “oversharing problem” has also “become a problem for her kids’ school.” Star says the “prestigious Bel-Air institution” had to tell Paltrow “not to write about the school” on her lifestyle newsletter, GOOP. That’s odd, because the Iron Man star’s children don’t even go to school in L.A.

A rep for Paltrow tells Gossip Cop, “They go to school in London.” The movie star’s spokesperson also informs us that Paltrow is “very close friends” with both Witherspoon and Hudson, and is acquaintances with Lopez. So basically, Star made this story up because it knows people love to hate on Paltrow — simple as that.

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