Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin “Split Gets Ugly,” Claims Magazine

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By Shari Weiss

Chris Martin Gwyneth Paltrow split

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split is getting “ugly,” alleges Star, which claims the musician “is finally putting his foot down over Gwyn’s control-freak behavior.” According to the magazine’s so-called sources, the stars’ public appearances together since their decision to “consciously uncouple” are all “carefully engineered” by Paltrow “to perpetuate her idea that they are staying good friends.”

“Chris is sick and tired of playing this insane role. He has been under Gwyneth’s thumb their entire marriage, and now they’ve broken up and she is still trying to control him and tell him what to do,” one so-called “source” tells Star. The tabloid’s alleged insider further claims Martin “finds it unbelievably galling” that Paltrow is supposedly “insisting on going to the most public restaurants so photographers can take pictures of them and their perfect friendship.” A Martin “friend” also alleges to the magazine that Paltrow is “furious that it’s leaked that he has gone out on dates with Alexa Chung and Rihanna,” and has supposedly retaliated by trying to make him “jealous.”

It’s furthered claimed that the pair are also fighting about custody of their two kids. “Chris really wants to move the kids back to England, but so far Gwyneth won’t hear of it,” a so-called “pal” tells the magazine. “She has always said she didn’t want her children to be teenagers in Los Angeles, but now that she and Chris are breaking up, she suddenly wants to stay in Hollywood.”

Star goes on to write, “Even though it may have started out as the happiest divorce of all time, Chris has finally come to the conclusion that he has to fight to get what he wants in the split.” Martin is now supposedly asking friends for lawyer recommendations but “hasn’t told Gwyneth about it because he wants her to think he will just go along with everything she says, like usual.” “But behind the scenes,” says the publication’s source, “he is extremely organized and prepared for battle.”

Know what’s actually “unbelievably galling”? That the tabloid is pretending to know what’s happening “behind the scenes.” After all, this is same publication that once falsely and ridiculously claimed Paltrow was finding Taylor Swift a British husband.

The tabloid’s sources are less than knowledgeable. In fact, an actual insider close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that Star is simply trying to read into Paltrow and Martin’s outings and failing miserably. “No one should be surprised to see them [together] from time to time,” Gossip Cop is told. “They are exactly how they explained when they separated, a family first but no longer a couple.”

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