2014 Golden Globes Backstage Dish & Winners’ Reactions From Gossip Cop!

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Gossip Cop is backstage at the 2014 Golden Globes, and has all the dish straight from the stars themselves! See what the winner are saying here — and check out the photos below!

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, Supporting Actress in Motion Picture – American Hustle

Last year’s Best Actress winner says she “can’t process” receiving so many awards at such a young age. Now with even more reasons to celebrate, Lawrence jokes that tonight will be spent “catching up on my drinking.” Looking to the future, the star says she “would love to direct” one day, but doesn’t “want to suck.” In the meantime, she’ll focus on continuing to “learn from the best.”

ELISABETH MOSS, Actress in Miniseries or TV Movie – “Top of the Lake”

The double nominee (she was also up for “Mad Men”) calls herself an “idiot” for forgetting to thank Seesaw Films, the production company behind Top of the Lake. Moss says she got pumped for the show by listening to Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna, and also did a “couple of things I can’t tell you about.” Now she plans to “dance and drink a bit… drink a bit more.”

JACQUELINE BISSET, Supporting Actress in Series, Miniseries or TV Movie – “Dancing on the Edge”

The winner says she was “stunned” when her name was called, partially because she expected her category to be later in the show. “I was in a daze,” confesses Bisset.

U2, Best Original Song in Motion Picture – Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Bono remembers the late Nelson Mandela as “so stoic,” and dismissive of his own pain despite a life fraught with strife.

JON VOIGHT, Supporting Actor in Series, Miniseries or TV Movie – “Ray Donovan”

The veteran actor recalls going to the Oscars “early on” in his career with a shirt way too tight. After going to a fashion store and purchasing a scarf to cover his collar area, he was praised by fashion writers for his look and so he said, “this is it!” Despite all his acclaim, Voight says he’s “most proud when my kids are happy.”

BRYAN CRANSTON, Actor in TV Series Drama – “Breaking Bad”

The actor, who plans to head to Broadway now that “Breaking Bad” has ended, says award shows are a “little nerve-wracking,” and he was “surprised” by the show’s wins. “What a way to go out,” he exclaims.

“BREAKING BAD,” TV Series Drama

Aaron Paul plans to celebrate by drinking, while Cranston jokes they’ll also try “wife-swapping.” Looking ahead to the spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” creator Vince Gillian promises there will be cameos from some familiar faces.

ROBIN WRIGHT, Best Actress in TV Series Drama – “House of Cards”

The star says she’s “in shock,” and is doubly excited due to her recent engagement to Ben Foster. “[I] couldn’t be happier,” says Wright, who reveals that she and her fiancé are in the midst of figuring out wedding details. Wright calls herself a “late bloomer,” noting, it took reaching her 30s to learn “not to be afraid anymore.” Following the show, the actress will celebrate with an In-N-Out burger, after recently eating just 800 calories a day to show “solidarity” with Foster, who was prepping to portray Lance Armstrong.

JARED LETO, Supporting Actor in Motion Picture – Dallas Buyers Club

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman returned to acting after a five year break, and says he “loves” both music and films. “In 20 years, I don’t know I’d do either,” says Leto, but says he hopes to continue for the foreseeable future. Of working on Dallas Buyers Club, Leto acknowledges, “I hadn’t made a movie in so long, I was focused on not letting anyone down.”

AMY ADAMS, Best Actress in Motion Picture Comedy or Musical – American Hustle

In a risqué dress with a plunging neckline, the actress says she worries “more about the red carpet” than taking home a statue. Adams says she has “a lot” to celebrate thanks to starring in both American Hustle and Her, with both films scoring big wins tonight. The movie star jokes that she has learned to “hustle” by being mom to a 3 year old. “I’m constantly negotiating to get her to sleep,” says Adams. Next up: Adams says she’s “getting ready” to film the Man of Steel sequel.

ANDY SAMBERG, Actor in TV Series Comedy or Musical – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

The former “SNL” star says he’s “stunned but extremely happy” to have won. “All I ever wanted was to be on ‘SNL’ — anything after that has been icing,” he says. Samberg says he’s a fan of other comedy shows like “Louie,” “South Park,” “Conan,” and “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” “Scary how many funny people there are,” says the actor, joking that he’s concerned about his own job security. Samberg adds that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is “more of a grind” than what he’s used to, but the FOX comedy is far less “stressful” than the live “SNL.” He also notes that in his excitement earlier, he forgot to thank his parents and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS, Best Actor in Miniseries or TV Movie – Behind the Candelabra

The star says he never thought of playing Liberace until Steven Soderbergh asked, and calls the role the “best gift” to receive after overcoming cancer. “[I wasn’t] sure I’d ever work again,” he admits. Douglas, however, calls his win “bittersweet” because he wishes he could share the award with co-star Matt Damon, with whom he’ll celebrate later at the HBO party. The actor says he finds comedy films — like his recent Last Vegas — more difficult than drama, and reveals his next film will be announced on Tuesday. As for wife Catherine Zeta-Jones’ whereabouts, Douglas says she’s at home with their two kids.

AMY POEHLER, Best Actress in a TV Series Comedy or Musical – “Parks and Recreation”

The night’s co-host says it was her kiss with Bono combined with her win that is her top highlight of the night, saying she never expected to win because she never has before. “Weird being a winner,” notes the former “SNL” star. “Kinda fun being a loser.” Poehler says she told her son Archie that she “might” win, and he wanted to know how big the award would be. Now she plans on giving it to him. As for how she and Tina Fey prepared for their second stint as emcees, Poehler jokes, “About four hours before we’d dip ourselves in paraffin.” In all seriousness, though, the comedienne says she’s driven by “the opportunities I have now, the people I get to work with now.” “Parks & Recreation” is “a dream job,” she says.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO, Best Actor in Motion Picture Comedy or Musical – The Wolf of Wall Street

The star says he’s been obsessed with making The Wolf of Wall Street since 2008, and drew his inspiration from hanging out with the real-life source Jordan Belfort. DiCaprio notes that he’s “so proud” that Martin Scorese helmed the pic, and admits he’s now going through a withdrawal of sorts. “I stopped this film and it was a giant adrenaline dump,” says the actor. “[I] haven’t been able to work since.” And DiCaprio even says he has “no idea” what his next role will be.

CATE BLANCHETT, Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama – Blue Jasmine

The star candidly admits she was attracted to her role in Blue Jasmine because it was a “mind f*ck,” and a “complex character.” She reveals she prepared for the film by watching a documentary on director Woody Allen so she knew “what I was getting in for,” and Allen’s muse, Diane Keaton, even provided her style inspiration for tonight. As for celebrating, Blanchett plans to call her husband and children and share her excitement with them. “My identity is not based on my work,” she notes. “It’s not who I am.”

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama – Dallas Buyers Club

The first-time winner tells Gossip Cop that the craziest rumor he ever heard about himself claimed that he had “fathered two kids and eloped with a woman and had a secret life.” McConaughey admits it was “funny originally,” until they tracked down the man who started the rumor and discovered he was mentally ill. On a happier note, the actor says he “absolutely” wanted to win tonight. His son’s response? “[He told me I’m] going to lose,” reveals McConaughey. Check out the backstage photos below!


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