Giuliana Rancic on Her Surrogate’s Miscarriage: “It’s God’s Plan” (VIDEO)

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By Shari Weiss




Giuliana Rancic opens up about her surrogate’s miscarriage in a new “Extra” interview airing Monday (video below). As Gossip Cop reported, Bill Rancic revealed on Sunday that the couple’s surrogate, Delphine, recently miscarried their second child when she was nine weeks into the pregnancy. Sadly, this was not the Rancics’ first experience with losing a child, as Giuliana suffered a failed pregnancy in 2010.

“I’ve had a miscarriage myself that I talked about a few years ago, before we had [son] Duke, then our surrogate had one and we were just devastated,” she now tells Mario Lopez. Giuliana says one of their biggest concerns after the traumatic event was Delphine’s physical and mental well-being. “Our priority at the time, once we were able to take the emotion out of it a little bit, we wanted to make sure our surrogate, who carried Duke for us, that knew she it was not her fault, this is something that is so common,” she explains.

While the E! host says they’re “all moving forward,” the loss will be vaguely addressed on Tuesday’s season seven finale of “Giuliana and Bill.” Giuliana says they initially wanted to “get away from the camera” to deal with the news privately, but now want to “clear it up” for fans, who have followed the couple on their journey to expand their family.

“It’s just a lot to digest,” she says, “and we’re just trying to figure it out, now that a little time has passed, we’re trying to figure out when is a good time to start again.” The TV personality notes that Delphine is “on board” for another try, and stresses, “Bill and I want another baby more than anything else.”

They are relying on their faith, and their belief that “everything happens for a reason,” as motivation to continue on.”It’s God’s plan,” she tells Lopez, noting, “Breast cancer, infertility, miscarriage… I’ve been through a lot.” Giuliana continues, “But somehow, you know the big man always figures it out.” “We’re so happy today, and we always get though things. We’re gonna keep fighting,” she adds. Check out the video below.

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