Gisele Bundchen Lingerie Ads: Sexist?


By Daniel Gates



Gisele Bundchen is at the center of controversy over new lingerie ads that many observers call sexist.

The spots for Hope underwear (in Portuguese) feature the supermodel giving her unseen significant other bad news. In one, she’s crashed his car; in another, she’s maxed out their credit cards. In the commercials, Gisele is much more successful in smoothing things over if she’s removed her clothing and stands in just lingerie. The accompanying voiceover explains, “You’re a Brazilian woman – use your charm.”

Not all women in Brazil are happy with the message, including some government officials. “The campaign promotes the misguided stereotype of a woman as a sexual object of her husband and ignores the major advances we have achieved in deconstructing sexist practices and thinking,” said the country’s Women’s Secretariat in a statement this week.

But the lingerie company’s director, Sandra Chayo, disagrees. “Gisele can testify that all of the situations shown in the campaign are jokes about daily life,” she’s quoted as saying in The Guardian. “In no way should they be taken as being depreciative of the feminine figure. It would be absurd for us, who make a living off the preferences of women, to do anything to devalue our main consumer.”

What do you think? (FYI: It’s not known whether Gisele resolves real-life disputes with Tom Brady in the manner depicted.) NOTE: Video is no longer available.

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