WATCH: Girl FREAKS OUT During Hilarious Manatee “Attack”

Truth rating: 10
Girl Manatee Attack

By Daniel Gates


Girl Manatee Attack


This might be the best video of the week. A girl recently found herself face-to-face with a manatee… and FREAKED OUT. And the entire thing was captured thanks to the unnecessarily terrified young woman filming everything with a selfie stick. Is her overreaction real? Is it a hoax? All we know is that the video has gone viral because it’s completely ridiculous. Watch below.

In the footage, the panic-stricken girl is swimming alone when she realizes a giant creature is near her. Either not knowing it’s a manatee, or not knowing that manatees are about as gentle and non-threatening as animals get, she has a full-fledged meltdown. “Where is it? Where is it? NOOOO!!!!” she shrieks, seeing the manatee’s shadow moving close to her.

“Oh my God! Get me out of here!” screams the swimmer, apparently to her friends, who are having a nice time on a nearby boat. The girl keeps scanning the water with the same anxiety and horror usually seen during shark attacks. “Oh my God, I see it! I see it! It’s right next to me!” she screams, never once bothering to drop her selfie stick (a clue that this might all be a put-on). Her panic doesn’t end there. Watch the manatee “attack” in the video below.

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