CLAIM: Ginnifer Goodwin Blames Chris Klein’s Alcoholism on Katie Holmes

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By Daniel Gates



According to Star magazine, “Ginnifer Goodwin is still holding a grudge against Katie Holmes, whom she blames for plunging her ex, Chris Klein, into post-break up depression and alcoholism.”

A “source” for the tabloid explains, “Ginnifer dated Chris right after Katie dumped him and moved on to Tom Cruise. Ginny thinks that the breakup pushed Chris into binge drinking, and she went through hell before finally leaving him herself.”

“Ginny looks at Katie and Tom’s divorce and wonders if it will be the exact same thing all over again,” adds the so-called “insider,” who says that Holmes thinks Goodwin’s alleged vendetta is “absolutely ridiculous.”

Uh, yeah.

That’s because there is no “grudge,” and the rumor itself is ridiculous.

The suggestion that Goodwin thinks Holmes is responsible for making Klein an alcoholic — and that Cruise is somehow now in danger of the same thing — is based on nothing.

Goodwin has never accused Holmes of anything remotely close to what Star claims, and has not been holding a grudge against her fellow actress.

A source close to Goodwin tells Gossip Cop the story is flat out “not true.”

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