Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Dating Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber Rumors

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Gigi Hadid Cody Simpson Justin Bieber rumors

By Shari Weiss

Gigi Hadid Cody Simpson Justin Bieber rumors

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Gigi Hadid opens up about dating Cody Simpson, her famous pals, and rumors about her friendship with Justin Bieber in a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily.

The model daughter of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster has been in an on-and-off relationship with Simpson, and she tells the outlet, “I love Cody to death and he loves me.”

The stars had a breakup in early May, and Hadid admits to being none too pleased with the speculation that emerged in its wake, alleging she dumped Simpson after using him to further his career.

“You only see just 1 percent of paparazzi shots when we’re at dinner or out — that’s 1 percent of our relationship,” Hadid points out. “Like no one saw, you know, anything that’s real.”

She goes on, “He needed his time to focus on his music and he’s the one who broke up with me. We’re still best friends and I’ll always respect him and support his career.”

“But it’s really hurtful when people try to do that. The most hurtful thing to me is when people try to put assumptions on me and my relationship because that is not okay,” she continues, adding, “Love is something that’s really serious and private that you can’t try to claim [to] know.”

Hadid feels just as strongly about outlets misrepresenting the time she spends with Bieber.

She complains, “Then there are Web sites that are saying, ‘Justin Flirts with Gigi Topless’ and then you click on the picture and it’s me and Justin sitting on opposite sides of the boat. I’m looking one way and he’s looking another and he doesn’t have a shirt on because we’re on a boat.”

“And flirting? What part of that picture says we’re flirting?” she exclaims. “Show me one sign that we are flirting.”

And while Hadid thinks “you have to pick your battles,” she admits, “I want to go off on people on Twitter so much.”

“There’s this one picture of a girl hugging Justin and everyone says it’s me but it’s not me — she has brown hair and she’s wearing bracelets. I wasn’t wearing any accessories. Then they go off on me,” she explains.

Still, Hadid acknowledges that Bieber “is a good friend of mine,” calling him “awesome,” and also talks about traveling on his tour with Simpson for two weeks.

“It was crazy but so fun. I’m like one of the guys on tour, on a bus with 10 dudes. It’s gross. You have to get used to not showering,” reveals the model.

She further explains, “So I met [Bieber] a couple of times but we’re friends and everything with [Simpson] is cool, and him and Justin are really close.”

“So it’s all good. You run into all your friends at Cannes and you end up at the same parties,” says Hadid. “In that case you just end up both watching the Grand Prix race from the same boat. That’s how we ended up together.”

Of course, Simpson and Bieber aren’t the only celebrities in the blonde beauty’s circle — there’s also Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

“It’s funny because Kylie dated [Simpson],” says Hadid. “Before that, in L.A. we grew up knowing about each other but never met. Kendall and Kylie and I became friends the week before this year’s Met Gala.”

Hadid notes, “I have my hometown friends, but I have my industry friends and I have some who are in the middle, like Ireland Baldwin, which is great because she is genuinely one of my best friends.”

“When we’re in L.A. we go to movies and hang out, but when she’s here it’s fashion week and we go to all the events together,” she says. “Those are the friends I am closest with because they understand both sides of me and that’s what I really cherish in people.”

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