George Zimmerman: I’m “Scapegoat” and “Victim” in Trayvon Martin Killing (VIDEO)

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates



George Zimmerman says he was a “scapegoat” and “victim” in the Trayvon Martin killing. Check out the video below!

The Florida man, who last summer was acquitted of murdering teenager Martin in a case that became a lightning rod for debates over race and law, told CNN on Monday that he wants to become an attorney to “stop the miscarriage of justice that happened to me from happening to someone else.”

Zimmerman explains that it wasn’t about “the law” in his case.

“What does that make you?” interviewer Chris Cuomo asks.

“Like a scapegoat,” says Zimmerman. “For the government, the President, the Attorney General.”

He goes on to describe the death threats against him, claiming he’ll “never be a free man.”

Zimmerman believes he was a victim on the February 2012 night that left Martin dead.

He explains, “I certainly was a victim when I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken and beaten… So I wouldn’t say I was not a victim.”

Zimmerman tells Cuomo that the only judge who matters is God.

“I know that ultimately, He’s the only judge that I have to answer to,” he says. “He knows what happened. I know what happened. So I’d leave it up to Him.”

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