George Clooney Gets AARP Subscription

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By Michael Lewittes

George Clooney


George Clooney graces the cover of this week’s Parade, and admits that after turning 50 in May, he got a subscription to the mature people’s mag, AARP.

He tells Parade, getting a subscription to AARP “shocked me,” jokingly adding, “‘Are you kidding?’ I told them they should do ‘The Sexiest Man Still Alive.'” But the actor, who can be seen in The Ides of March, is philosophical about growing older.

Clooney says, “I find that as you get older, you start to simplify things in general… You have some idea of who your friends are, at least.” Nor is he concerned about aging on-camera.

The Oscar winner explains, “I look at myself on-screen and go, ‘I don’t look like I did when I was 40 — I know that.’ The people I’ve respected most in the industry over the years — Paul Newman, for instance. I just loved the way he handled growing old on-screen. It’s understanding that you’re now basically a character actor.”

One thing that will never grow old with Clooney is his love for pranks. “You set a bit of a trap and then you watch it slowly unfold. I’ve had ones that have taken years,” he says.

Clooney recalls, “I took a painting out of the trash once, and I put it up on an easel in my house and got some paints, and I convinced one of my best friends, Richard Kind, that I was painting. I bought some other pictures, I told him I was studying art. And then for his 40th birthday I gave him this horrible painting. He had to hang it on his wall, [it was by] his best friend! And for years people would come over — everyone else knew it was out of the trash — and go, ‘That is a beautiful painting.’ And he was convinced by the end that it was a beautiful painting. Until I did The Tonight Show, I think, and told the story and then I told him to watch the show. And he said, ‘I hate that painting.'”

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