George Clooney Amazed by Wrong Rumors, Calls Gossip Cop “Wonderful”


By Daniel Gates


George Clooney finds the endless rumors about him ridiculous, but is glad Gossip Cop is around.

Backstage at the Golden Globes on Sunday, we asked the Best Actor winner about the absurdities of the celebrity rumor mill.

“It’s really sort of every day now,” said Clooney of the baseless gossip.

He added, “There’s so much of it now that is just made up out of whole cloth… By the time you wake up there will be 3,500 related articles who will say who knows what.”

“It is always sort of insanity,” continued Clooney, lamenting, “I used to think there would be some element of truth to it, but not so much anymore.”

The A-lister appreciates what Gossip Cop is doing.

“You have a wonderful site, because you actually are trying to find the truth,” said Clooney.

We do our best!

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