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Story about George Clooney measuring his booze is all wet

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By Michael Lewittes



George Clooney is generous with his employees – except when it comes to the booze!” begins a piece in Star magazine.

The item then quotes a friend of one of his housekeepers as saying, “He has his decanters marked so he can see exactly how much is in them and to make sure nobody ever secretly takes a swig.”

Wait, this is being claimed by a friend of one of his housekeepers?


According to the friend of one of his housekeepers, Clooney once poured himself an expensive single malt, and realized it had been watered down. 

“He never found the culprit, but he put everyone through the third degree,” says the friend of one of his housekeepers.

The story, of course has no specifics, including when this allegedly occurred. 

And that’s because it’s not true, and it “never happened,” says a source close to the Oscar winner. 

Gossip Cop, however, has one tiny detail the Star doesn’t — Clooney doesn’t even own one single decanter.


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