George Clooney Reveals Batman Nipple Regrets, Brad Pitt Prank, Sandra Bullock’s Drinking + More in Reddit AMA

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By Shari Weiss

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George Clooney candidly — and amusingly — opened up in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” interview on Tuesday.

The Oscar winner answered questions from fans on everything from his humanitarian efforts in Sudan to his reading habits, but with Clooney being Clooney, quite a few of the exchanges were about Hollywood.

Asked what it feels like to get made fun of at awards shows, the actor replied, “For the most part most of the time when it’s bad it’s actually funny. You actually feel bad for the comedians up on stage cause you know if you’ve ever gone to a comedy club and you see somebody bomb it makes you cringe.”

“Shows like that are designed to have fun with you without being devastatingly unkind. I’ve been the target of a couple of stupid jokes that didn’t work, but in general I’ve only seen a couple that were really vicious toward people, and they didn’t work,” he noted.

Clooney went on to admit that while he’s made a personal peace with his much-maligned Batman & Robin movie, saying, “It’s a funny thing, you’ve got to remember that when you’re doing a movie, a lot of times you’re spending 4 or 5 months on set and sometimes you’re making really good friends and sometimes not.”

He explained, “Some of the best films have been the least fun experiences and some of the worst, I’ve made lifelong friends out of it. It’s the kind of thing where the memory of the film is very different than how it was reviewed, because it’s months out of your life and you end up making close friends or having great experience on films that don’t necessarily work. And that’s a tricky thing to come to terms with.”

That said, there is still one aspect of the project that he looks back on with embarrassment.

“I wasn’t thrilled with the nipples on the batsuit. You know that’s not something you really think about when you’re putting it on. You figure all batsuits have nipples and then you realize yours was really the first,” he wrote, joking, “Batman was just constantly cold I guess.”

“But I have plenty of other things that I’m really obviously embarrassed about too,” continued Clooney. “Oftentimes it’ll be stumbling out of a bar drunk or something dumb like that but as you get older a major goal in life is try to do less and less embarrassing things. You know, try not to face plant publicly as often as possible.”

The movie star also revealed a crazy prank Brad Pitt played on him during Oceans 12 filming in Italy that turned into a tabloid story.

“He had a flier sent around saying George only wants to be called by his character’s name Danny Ocean, don’t look him in the eyes, and it got into the local paper,” recalled Clooney. “As you know, jokes don’t translate at all, and they called me il divo, and said that I was treating the crew like sh*t.”

He remembered, “When it got into the paper I came downstairs and Brad had the paper in his hand, and I said ‘You’re mine from here on out.’ Brad just said, ‘Please don’t harm my children.’ Yeah, he’s done some pretty rotten things.”

Clooney was also asked about funny moments on the Gravity set with Sandra Bullock, and he jokingly replied, “It’s tricky cause Sandy drinks so much that oftentimes it’s just hard to keep her upright.”

“No, you know, Sandy and I have known each other for over 20 years and we both were struggling actors when we first met. She was dating a friend of mine at the time who’s still a good friend of ours. Every time we’re together it’s funny. She’s somebody I adore, really, she’s just fun to be in a room with,” he gushed.

Clooney further noted, “I’m sure people will assume people aren’t quite who they appear to be on screen — they’re shorter or taller or meaner or dumber — but Sandy is exactly what she appears on screen, an incredibly charming woman who’s really just fun to hang out with. Very smart and centered, even though she does drink a lot.”

The actor was careful when asked about which stars he’s enjoyed working with the most, trying to figure out how to answer in the “best possible way that doesn’t get me murdered by all other actors I’ve worked with.”

He ultimately said, “I’ve done 6 films with [Matt] Damon now, so I guess I do enjoy working with him, though you wouldn’t know it. I’ve been really lucky to work with people who enjoy what they do. I’ve worked with a couple of turkeys, but I’ve mostly been really lucky.”

Clooney also gave a shout-out to Justin Bieber, when discussing how the entertainment industry has changed over the years, and advising, “Don’t wait for the establishment to tell you you can do it, just go to work.”

“It used to be that you couldn’t get a job until you were in the Screen Actors Guild, which you couldn’t do if you weren’t in the union, and its not like that anymore,” he said. “That’s how we have artists like Justin Bieber. The world is better for it now.”

There was also this gem of a question: “Why do you have such lonely eyes?”

Replied Clooney, “I actually have only one lonely eye. The other eye’s got nothin’ but friends.”

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