George and Amal Clooney NOT Splitting, Despite Magazine Cover Story

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George Amal Clooney Divorce

By Daniel Gates

George Amal Clooney Divorce

(Life & Style)

George and Amal Clooney have not broken up, despite a lie printed on the cover of the new Life & Style. The magazine claims the couple is “over” after 87 days of marriage. The magazine is 100 percent wrong.

Back in August, Life & Style laid a giant egg when it claimed in a similarly made-up cover story that Amal was pregnant. Here we are, four months later, and the tabloid is replacing one bogus rumor with another one. “The wedding high has worn off and now the reality of the relationship has set in — and it doesn’t look good,” claims the outlet, which has a lot of gall to pretend it knows about “reality.” Alleged “sources” tell the magazine the Clooneys’ marriage is “over.”

“She and George just aren’t going to make it,” one so-called “friend” tells Life & Style. “They’ve been fighting behind closed doors — and it’s looking like the world’s most famous bachelor should have stayed a bachelor. There’s no way the marriage is going to last.” The magazine goes on to say the Clooneys allegedly fight over everything from his wardrobe to the friends he spends time with to their professional schedules often keeping them apart.

Life & Style portrays Amal as a shrill, demanding nag who’s driving George crazy and forcing him to change his life in ways he hates. It’s the kind of anti-woman narrative we’ve come to expect from the tabloids, and it’s meaningless speculation based on literally nothing. Just like those pregnancy rumors about Amal, spread by Life & Style, from which the tabloid is now hilariously distancing itself. “She wants to wait a year or two” to have a baby, an “insider” tells the tabloid. Weird, because that’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the magazine said this summer.

A rep for Clooney denies that there’s any trouble between him and Amal, and says the rumored split or divorce is simply not true. We don’t look forward to Life & Style continuing to alternate between bogus “pregnancy” and “breakup” rumors about the Clooneys until the end of time.

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