Jogger Finds Baby Abandoned By Car Thieves (VIDEO)

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By Daniel Gates




A jogger in Houston found an 8-month-old baby girl alone and crying in tall grass on Monday after the car carrying the infant was stolen at a gas station.

Genesis Haley was discovered wailing in a car seat — but apparently unharmed — after being dumped from the abandoned vehicle.

She was taken by ambulance to a hospital for evaluation.

Police say Haley was left in her mother’s car at a Texaco gas station when her mom went to pay for the fuel.

While she was in the store, the mother saw the car driving away.

An Amber Alert was issued at approximately 3 a.m., and police combed the area for the missing girl.

She was ultimately discovered by the jogger.

The suspect or suspects in the theft have not been identified or found.


Check out the news report below.


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