VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Pits Old Against Young In “Generation Gap” Game

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Old Young Game Jimmy Kimmel

By Daniel Gates


Old Young Game Jimmy  Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel pitted the old against the young in a game of “Generation Gap” on Wednesday.

The contest was simple — a 60-something woman was asked questions about current pop culture, while a teenage girl was asked about old pop culture.

There were some encouraging signs of cross-generational understanding (apparently, Kanye West transcends eras), and some truly stunning disappointments (kids today can’t name the Beatles?!).

Gossip Cop was a little depressed by the pop cultural illiteracy, but maybe it shouldn’t have surprised us?

As a fun experiment, today try asking the young people in your life about the Osmonds, and the more senior members of your family about the Kardashians.

Check out the video below!


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