Gene Simmons Blasts CNN For Having “Given Up,” Declares Fox News Has “Won”

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By Michael Lewittes


(Getty Images)

Gene Simmons blasted CNN for having “given up,” while noting Fox News has “won,” during a flurry of tweets on Tuesday.

The Kiss rocker first wrote that “CNN has quit hard news. It’s all Bourdain food & Forensic File shows..Pathetic.”

And when one of his followers commented, “When Fox News wins, we all lose, Simmon responded, “PEOPLE DECIDE–THEY WATCH FOX IN THE MILLIONS–CNN? HALF A MILLION.”

Simmons added diplomatically (in yet more caps), “I DON’T HAVE A HORSE IN THIS RACE–BUT STATS TELL US FOX IS BIGGER THAN CNN & MSNBC COMBINED.”

And that wasn’t all.

After another follower stated, “Fox News if they are now most peoples main source of news it is indeed a very sad day,” Simmons shot back how Fox News has “BEEN #1 OVER 11 YEARS.”

Who knew underneath all that makeup was Fox’s biggest booster?

What do you think about Simmons’ tweets?

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