Gary Busey Reportedly Sued for Knocking Woman to Ground at Airport


By Daniel Gates


Gary Busey is reportedly being sued for allegedly knocking a woman to the ground at the Tulsa airport last May.

The actor and beloved “Celebrity Apprentice” alum is said to have gotten drunk while waiting for his flight and then hurriedly attempted to cut the boarding line, inadvertently hitting a woman named Carla Loeffler in the process. She just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court in which she says she sustained injuries and is seeking unspecified damages, according to TMZ.

Busey’s camp is slamming Loeffler’s claims. In a statement to Gossip Cop, a rep says, “As of today, Gary Busey has no knowledge whatsoever of any of the alleged events reported, and has never been served with any alleged lawsuit, and has no idea of who this person is. According to Mr. Busey, this is nothing other than sleazy gossip and a cheap opportunistic attempt to extract some sort of monetary nuisance settlement from a celebrity, by a professional litigant who has a history of filing lawsuits and claiming personal injury,” continues the statement.

It adds, “Mr. Busey has neither the time nor any patience for this sort of money mongering, and shall vigorously address this matter. We strongly suggest that she go elsewhere to seek her 15 minutes of fame and fortune, and advise that if this so-called claimant does not immediately dismiss this frivolous lawsuit and issue a public apology, we shall, if and when served, and in response thereto, file a counterclaim seeking any and all damages suffered as a proximate result of her defamation of character and harassment.”

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