Funny Or Die Spoofs Movie Big With Evan Rachel Wood, Explores Creepy Sex (VIDEO)

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Funny Or Die Big

By Daniel Gates


Funny Or Die Big

(Funny Or Die)

Funny Or Die re-imagines the movie Big with one twist: this time, it’s a 13-year-old girl who winds up magically transformed into an adult. Evan Rachel Wood stars as the teen-turned-grownup, with Darren Criss playing her smitten love interest. Except the new version takes a very, very dark turn.

Specifically, the clip really gets into the creepiness of an adult man unwittingly having a sexual relationship with a child in an adult’s body. While Wood’s character is stoked about having a boyfriend (“I’m going to have vagina sex forever!”), Criss completely freaks out when he realizes he’s been sleeping with an underage girl. “I f*cked a magical child! I’m going to go to jail!” he declares in horror as his life falls to pieces.

Of course, the original movie never really comes to terms with the fact that Tom Hanks, as a literal man-child, has a romance with an actual grown-up woman played by Elizabeth Perkins. Then there’s 13 Going On 30, which puts Jennifer Garner in the lead as a girl-woman, but never explores the ickiness of what that means quite like Funny Or Die does here. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think of the spoof.

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