Frozen 2: Excited For Possible Sequel, Or Ready To Let It Go?

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Frozen 2 Sequel

By Daniel Gates

Frozen 2 Sequel


Frozen 2 appears to be happening. While no sequel to the massively popular Disney hit has been officially announced, at least one of the original film’s stars is hinting at a follow-up.

Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa, was asked by The Telegraph about rumors of a second Frozen movie and a stage musical. She confirmed, “They’re all in the works.” As for whether she’s participating in them, Menzel said, “Ah, yeah sure… Not the sage show — I don’t know what will happen with that — but the movie hopefully. We’ll see. I’m just going along for the ride.”

Of course, there are financial reasons to do another Frozen. The first movie made an astonishing $1.27 billion at the worldwide box office, making it the fifth-highest grossing movie in history, and easily the all-time leader among animated films. “Let It Go” became one of the most ubiquitous songs of the last two years. And the characters have become among the most beloved Disney creations ever.

The question is: Would you like to see Frozen 2? Are you hoping Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and the rest of the cast reunites for another adventure? Or would you rather hold on to the memories of the first movie and not risk your children hearing a new song even catchier than “Let It Go” for at least a few more years?

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