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Frightfully wrong reports about Lindsay Lohan with “boyfriend” in Morocco

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By Michael Lewittes




Scarier than Halloween today was the reporting (not) done by X17Online, and all the amateur bloggers out there who claimed Lindsay Lohan is in Morocco with her “boyfriend” Petey Wright.

Things Heat Up Between Lindsay and Male Model in Morocco,” screamed another headline from X17, which was once again wrong.

Not leaving bad enough alone, the photo and news agency took the word of “columnist” Dean Piper, who tweeted “Lindsay Lohan’s here with her boyfriend at the Mazagan in Morocco. He’s hot. And they look happy!”

X17 went on to say that Piper – who Gossip Cop suggests should see an optometrist – reiterated that he was certain, “It’s Petey.” Based on that bad reporting,  X17 cattily concluded, “Lilo has denied hooking up with Petey Wright, but would you take a guy you just met all the way to Morocco with you if you weren’t more than ‘just friends’?”

Well, well, well…

Gossip Cop doesn’t always take people at their word. We fact-check. If we just took people at their word, we would be as wrong as X17, and the slew of amateur bloggers who went with this story, and have subsequently deleted most of their erroneous tweets (a few of which we still have).

Lohan is NOT in Morocco with Petey Wright. And no, they are NOT dating. To quote what Lohan told us yesterday, X17 (and the bad bloggers) “should get their facts straight once in a while.”


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