Freddie Prinze, Jr. Rips Sites Exaggerating His Health Woes For “Clicks And Cash”

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Freddie Prinze Jr Surgery

By Daniel Gates

Freddie Prinze Jr Surgery


Freddie Prinze, Jr. wants everyone to calm down about his recent spinal surgery. Throughout the week, the actor has been updating fans on his recovery following an operation that put him in a neck brace and required him to “learn to walk again.” But it was never a grave situation, and Prinze’s upbeat and positive messages should not have given anyone a different impression.

Even so, some outlets apparently decided to make it seem as though Prinze was in a dire health crisis. And their sensationalism ticked off Prinze, whose fans were worried that things were worse than they actually were. On Saturday, the actor set the record straight on Twitter.

In response to fans’ questions about rumors floating around the Internet, Prinze wrote, “Remember entertainment ‘news’ requires ZERO sources or fact to report. They hide behind the GOSSIP shield and make $$$$$$.”

He added, “Don’t pay attention to that silly stuff. Especially when u have direct access… Guys Im totally fine. Recovering great. No need to get ur info from entertainment ‘news’ sources who have no clue. Trust your homie.” Prinze then posted a photo of himself (see below), writing, “#Robo-Bro Do i look jacked up to ya’ll? Balance … In all things… I can walk fine. Just puttin back together one step at a time.”

As for why certain outlets feel the need to exaggerate and exploit health situations, Prinze said, “They aren’t bad guys just willing to write a LOT without info. Is what it is… Yeah it’s just clicks and cash. They arent bad dudes just wish they’d be more news and less ‘entertainment.’ Oh well.”

Freddie Prinze Surgery


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