Fred Armisen: “I Was A Terrible Husband”


By Daniel Gates


Fred Armisen opened up about his rocky relationship history in a recent interview with Howard Stern.

The “Saturday Night Live” and “Portlandia” star split up with “Mad Men” actress Elisabeth Moss just eight months after their wedding, and Moss later had less than flattering things to say about her ex.

In an interview, Moss said of Amisen, “The greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.” Speaking with Stern, Armisen admitted to being a lousy partner. “I think I was a terrible husband,” said the comedian. “I think I’m a terrible boyfriend.”

Armisen explained that in many of his past relationships, including an earlier marriage to singer Sally Timms and a post-Moss romance with fellow “SNL” cast member Abby Elliott, he goes into the coupling with an intensity he just can’t maintain. “I think I get very caught up in the beginning, I want it all — fast.,” Amrisen told Stern. “I want to be married… and then somewhere around a year, two years, I get freaked out [emotionally].” He continued, “I actually feel like, ‘Oh my God, who’s this stranger in the house?… Who is this person?'” “I feel bad for everyone I’ve gone out with,” declared Armisen, who says he’s currently single and trying to get better at “not making promises right away.”

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