Francesca Eastwood Inflames Controversy After Lighting $100,000 Birkin Bag on Fire

(Tyler Shields)

By Daniel Gates


(Tyler Shields)

Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint and also the star of “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” has been flooded with threats and outrage since she and boyfriend-photographer Tyler Shields destroyed a $100,000 Birkin bag and then lit it on fire as an artistic stunt.

On Saturday, the couple posted photographs (at right and below) of a red crocodile Birkin getting bitten, gutted with a chainsaw and then doused in gasoline and burned.

Shields and Eastwood captioned the pictures with the line, “Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…”

Many observers were mortified by the cavalier waste of money during tight economic times, and did not hesitate to let the artists know it.

Commenters on Shields’ site ripped the stunt, calling it “incredibly insensitive,” “disgusting,” “offensive,” “deeply stupid and pretentious” and “shameful.”

On Twitter and Facebook, at least one person told Eastwood, “You should kill urself,” while numerous others used ugly words like “whore,” “b*tch” and “c**t.”

Obviously, violent threats and misogynistic language are never acceptable responses.

That said: What do you think about Shields and Eastwood’s money-burning stunt?


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(Tyler Shields)

(Tyler Shields)

(Tyler Shields)

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