One Direction Fans Freak Out After Four Album Leaked Days Early

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One Direction Night Changes

By Shari Weiss

One Direction Four Leaked

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One Direction fans went crazy on Twitter on Thursday, after the upcoming album Four apparently leaked online. Several tracks surfaced shortly before 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The record isn’t scheduled to officially drop until November 17.

Many in the fan base are claiming the leak can be traced to Brazil, where at least one person allegedly got her hands on an early copy of the album. Some of the songs, uploaded to the web in low quality, even apparently feature the unidentified girl singing along.

The leak comes just a few hours after One Direction surprised fans by officially releasing one of the new songs. As Gossip Cop reported earlier, “Ready To Run” debuted after a “#FOURTAKEOVER” challenge, which involved reaching certain goals on social media. It seemed like that would be the biggest 1D news of the day… until “#FOURLeaked” began trending worldwide.

Directioners seem largely divided over the unexpected turn of events. Some are downright ecstatic, a few have pointed out how Liam Payne has even joked about leaking the record, and others mentioned how the Midnight Memories album leaked in advance of its official release, too, around this same time last year.

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL CODE RED CODE F*KCING RED THIS ISNT A DRILL NO CONTROL & WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO ARESO GOOD,” wrote one fanatic, referencing two of the leaked tracks. Another wrote, “if you’ve been in this fandom for a long time, it’s normal for any of their albums to leak!!” And one person hit back at critics, writing, “just a reminder that you can hear four leaked and also buy it when its out lmao calm down we’re not being ‘bad fans.'”

Many were adamant, however, about not listening to the music, much like Taylor Swift’s fans abstained when her 1989 album was recently leaked just a few days before its premiere. “Four leaked 9 days before it was supposed to be released. Can people seriously not respect the boys and their hard work?” complained one Twitter user. Another said, “I’m not listening to it. I’m loyal. Dedicated. I have respect for the boys. I’m not going to do that! I’m waiting.” And a fellow musician pointed out, “I would be so disappointed, as an artist, to work so hard on something for months & then have my FANS be too impatient to wait.”

Gossip Cop has reached out to a One Direction rep for comment. None of the members have yet to acknowledge the leak on Twitter.

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