Robert Pattinson Girlfriend FKA Twigs Did NOT Diss Kristen Stewart, Despite Claims

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By Michael Lewittes


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A number of outlets are trying to incite fans with stories about Robert Pattinsons new girlfriend FKA Twigs supposedly dissing his ex Kristen Stewart, but Gossip Cop can report after an extensive investigation that it is 100 percent not true.

Here’s what happened. FKA Twigs performed a concert in Bristol, England on October 9, and according to one blogger and one tweet, a single fan yelled out, “F*ck Kristen Stewart.”

That, of course, was enough for HollywoodLife, which has a rich history of making up Pattinson and Stewart stories to report that FKA Twigs “responded with a smirk” to the fan who yelled out the obscenity, and was therefore “dissing” Stewart.

First off, Gossip Cop has looked into this for the past two days, even since that tweet went out and was picked up. There were close to 800 fans at the Bristol concert, and a half dozen people we know who were either there — or involved with the show — and NOT ONE heard the curse directed to Stewart.

Does that mean it didn’t happen? No, we would never say with entire certainty that there wasn’t one crass concertgoer who yelled that. However, it clearly wasn’t loud enough so that more than a handful of people heard it, and more importantly, (1) FKA Twigs seemingly did NOT hear it, and (2) she definitely did not respond, as HollywoodLife would like its readers to be misled. In fact, the person who tweeted about the incident made zero mention of the singer reacting at all. Only the blogger claimed to have seen “the briefest flash of a wry smirk.”

Oh, please. If this were anything real, there would have been HUNDREDS of tweets about Stewart being dissed — but there weren’t. And none of our reliable sources heard it from their positions close to the stage. Additionally, FKA Twigs has been very vocal about her detractors and had she heard something, she undoubtedly would have said something.

Of course, what HollywoodLife and others are trying to do is clearly perpetuate a feud between fans of Pattinson and Stewart. The webloid even writes that Stewart “will always be connected to Robert Pattinson.” No, they won’t. Do articles about Justin Timberlake still always refer to Britney Spears? The parties involved move on, the fans move on, and it’s time for some of the lame sites like HollywoodLife to move on as well.

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