WATCH: Fired McDonald’s Employee Trashes Restaurant In Crazy Video!

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Fired McDonalds Employee Video

By Michael Lewittes


Fired McDonalds Employee Video


A McDonald’s employee in St. Paul, Minnesota goes ballistic and trashes the fast food restaurant after being fired, and the whole crazy scene is caught on video. Interspersed with the fired employee knocking over McDonald’s supplies and food, he yells various curses at several of his co-workers throughout the footage that has gone viral. At one point, as he’s smashing up the restaurant, the guy says, “I tried to be nice.” Video of the expletive-laden outburst is below.

While it’s hard to tell exactly what set off the employee, he’s clearly upset about money that he believes he’s owed. The restaurant’s manager tries to reason with the guy and calmly tells him “you need to leave,” but the fired staffer keeps going up and down the back of the McDonald’s, toppling various objects, including some made of glass. The fired guy even threatens the manager that he’s going outside and “popping” his tires. After there’s already been a ton of damage, the manager says he’s going to call 911, which is something he probably should have done before the restaurant got completely trashed.

Also seen in the video are several customers who are totally baffled by the guy’s destructive outburst, and comment throughout the wild scene. The person shooting the video also shows the ground behind the counters, which is littered with tossed and broken objects. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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