Fifty Shades of Grey Going For NC-17 Rating, Says Screenwriter

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates


Fifty Shades of Grey will be racy enough for an NC-17 rating when it hits theaters, at least according to the woman scripting it.

Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter entrusted with bringing the worldwide bestseller to the big screen, says in a new interview that Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s erotic romps will not be sanitized on film.

“It will be rated NC-17 [18 here]. It’s going to be raunchy,” Marcel promises the Sunday Times, although it should be noted that there has not been an actual rating assigned yet to the still-in-the-works project.

Nothing will be official until the completed film is (eventually) screened for the Motion Picture Association of America. But Marcel explains of the sexual content, “We are 100% going there.”

That said, not every sex scene can make the cut. “We did go through and decide which are our favorites and which are not,” says Marcel. “Most of them are in there, but I can’t say more than that.”

As for the endless speculation over who will play Grey, Marcel laughs off casting rumors. “Ha-ha! No actor would sign up to a film without a script. That would be insane,” explains the writer. Stay tuned.

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