Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict: Twitter Set Ablaze After No Indictment In Michael Brown Death — See Celebrity Reactions

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Ferguson Grand Jury Indictment Twitter Reaction

By Michael Lewittes


Ferguson Grand Jury Indictment Twitter Reaction

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A grand jury outside Ferguson, Missouri declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown on Monday, a decision that sent shockwaves throughout the United States. People protested and, in some cases, rioted in Ferguson (see photo right), St. Louis, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and outside the White House.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, 18-year-old Brown was killed by Wilson back on August 9, a tragedy that caused outrage as virtually everyone in America debated whether it was an act of self-defense by Wilson, or one of violence. The grand jury’s verdict was long awaited, and when it was delivered on Monday night, social media erupted just as people in the streets did. See video below.

President Obama has asked for calm, while the Missouri governor has pleaded for peace. But as thousands continue to rage across the country, a number of celebrities have taken to Twitter to comment on the jury’s decision. Russell Simmons wrote, “the D.A never represented the people properly. He never wanted an indictment. violent ones in the streets are likely those who didn’t vote.” Charlie Sheen had strong words for Wilson, tweeting, “Officer Wilson, You are a murderer. Shame on you. Parents are NOT supposed to bury their children. You think about that…” He added the hashtag #Losing.

Many were shocked by the scenes playing out on television, with Alyssa Milano noting, “Ferguson live feed is insane right now. Smoke and fires everywhere.” Remarking on all the coverage, Judd Apatow tweeted, “Whenever these moments happen it feels like a scene from Ace In the Hole or Network. The media having a pain orgy as a TV show. So sad.” St. Louis native Andy Cohen, back home for Thanksgiving, noted, “local media in St. Louis doing a great job covering the protests – no hype or hysterics. Robin Smith still live on the scene and killing it.”

Katherine Heigl expressed, “My heart and sympathy goes out to Michael Browns family. They’re words [sic ]and actions are remarkable considering their deep sorrow and grief.” Gabrielle Union said, “Heavy heart, angry soul… we matter. ALL our lives matter. Hear us, feel us, respect us… ALL.” Katy Perry weighed in from the other side of the world, writing, “Feeling stuck all the way over here in Sydney seeing the news just now… Sending my prayers to Ferguson & praying for an equal America.”

“Have problem re decision not 2bring 2 trial,Police who shot young man near St.Louis.Something must b done 2 protect innocent young blk men,” wrote Cher. She went on, “Having said that, Violence is NOT the ANSWER ! VOTE 2Change State Laws. There Must b Change in Attitude & BALANCE In Police & Lawmakers!” Arsenio Hall questioned the timing of the verdict reveal, tweeting, “So, #ferguson governing body … how is that, ‘Officer Wilson indictment, NIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT’ working for you? #duh.”

Olivia Munn quoted Brown’s parents as saying, “Let’s not just make noise, let’s make a difference,” and added, “Rest in peace Michael Brown.” David Boreanaz noted, “Violence is NOT the answer. #Pray #Ferguson.” Lena Dunham commented, “All my love is with the family of Michael Brown. I applaud their strength and courage, mourn their loss, pray they see justice and change.”

Josh Groban wrote, “My thoughts are with the Ferguson community. I hope the frustration, as well as the love for the Brown family, shows itself through peace.” Pharrell said, “I’m heartbroken over the news of no indictment in Ferguson. Let’s all pray for peace.”

Trending topics have included #FergusonDecision, #NoIndictment and #PeaceinFerguson as the outcry continues to dominate social media. See video of the grand jury announcement below. Gossip Cop will have updates.

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